Two full service bottling lines

  • Main bottling line able to run both cork and screwcap at 100 bottles per minute (750ml)
  • Secondary line able to run cork at 50 bottles per minute
  • Able to run all common bottle types (750ml) and select “other” formats on-line with off-line capabilities available

Line Component Manufacturers


  • Sparger, Filler, Corker & Screwcap: Bertolaso Monoblock
  • Foiler: Robino & Galandrino
  • Labeler: Impresstik (Pressure Sensitive)


  • Sparger, Filler & Corker: Bertolaso Monoblock
  • Foiler: Nortan
  • Labeler: Kosme (Pressure Sensitive)

Flexible Bottling Dates and Times

  • With two lines we are able to efficiently schedule bottling to fit our clients production schedule

Quality Control

  • Every run monitored for fill height, dissolved oxygen, cork height, label and capsule appearance; plus, sterility check of equipment by ATP technology, sterility of finish product by microbiology plating
  • Experienced staff able to refine reject criteria to the clients preferred acceptance level


  • 2-head pressure-sensitive labeling
  • Case labels provided
  • Automatic case labeler able to apply bottle labels to cases

Large Format and Hand Bottling

  • Offline hand bottling available for any other bottle sizes
  • 4-spout filler capable of sterile bottling for runs under 100 cases
  • Vacuum corker used for all off-line bottling


  • Warehouse team receives and inventories supplies
  • In-house trucking available for local pick-ups and deliveries
  • Good relationships with local supply companies

For more information or quotes contact Sergio Hernandez, (707) 257-0360 x 39 or


My experience with custom crush is that you usually get either a high level of organizational structure with no flexibility or lots of flexibility with no organization. While we all have our own leanings when it comes to structure or flexibility, most outcomes, wine making or otherwise, are better when there is an outline of structure along with the flexibility to change the plan as inputs change. At Laird Family Estate the high quality of relationships there, from the management on down to the cellar allows for both structural organization and flexibility and I value that very highly.

— Mia Klein, Owner and Winemaker, Selene Wines; Consulting Winemaker for Bressler Vineyards, Cimarossa Wines, Boyanci Wine